Water Use Restriction In Effect

Please be advised a water ban is in effect starting July 15, 2019 until the end of December of 2019. The Town of West Springfield is implementing a water use restriction due to service on the Pease Ave water tank. This water use restriction covers non-essential outside watering; watering will be permitted from 5pm-9am.

For questions please contact the Department of Public Works at 413-263-3230 

Range Use Notification

Please be advised the West Springfield Police Department will be using the West Springfield Sportsman's Club Shooting range on August 17. 


Contact Us

Jessica Gonthier
Clerk, License Commission
T: 413-495-1841

License Commission

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Licensing Through the License Commission (New and Renewals)

  • all alcohol
  • clubs all alcohol
  • common victualer
  • wine & malt
  • inn-holder all alcohol
  • package store all alcohol (open 7 days a week)
  • package store wine & malt (open 7 days a week)
  • seasonal all alcohol
  • seasonal wine & malt

All Alcoholic/Wine & Malt - Annual and Seasonal Changes

Alteration of premises, change of corporate name, change of d/b/a, change of hours, change of license type,change of location, change of manager, new officers/directors, new stockholders, pledge of license, pledge of stock,seasonal to annual, transfer of license.

  • arcade
  • automatic amusement device (aad)
  • change of aad’s
  • bowling
  • common victualer
  • entertainment - weekday town
  • entertainment - sun. town & state
  • entertainment - sun. early open town&state
  • fortune tellers
  • inn-holder
  • juke box
  • junk dealer/collector
  • misc device - weekdays, town
  • misc device - Sundays, town & state
  • class i motor vehicle
  • class ii motor vehicle
  • class iii motor vehicle
  • lease/rent vehicles
  • pinball machine - weekdays, town
  • pinball machine - Sundays, town & state
  • pool table
  • Sunday early opening
  • storage of inflammables - transfer of ownership, increase of storage amounts
  • street furniture
  • Sunday entertainment
  • taxi/livery company
  • taxi/livery driver's license
  • video games fee - Sunday state
  • video game - Sundays, town
  • video game - weekdays, town
  • temporary licensing through the license commission
  • wine & malt (each same day location)
  • common victualer (each same day location)
  • entertainment (week)
  • all events at the eastern states exposition
  • entertainment – temp Sunday (1 pm open)
  • entertainment – temp Sunday early open (before 1 pm)


  • Dennis Powers - Chairman
  • John Weiss - Vice Chairman
  • Anthony DiStefano, Secretary