Water Use Restriction In Effect

Please be advised a water ban is in effect starting July 15, 2019 until the end of December of 2019. The Town of West Springfield is implementing a water use restriction due to service on the Pease Ave water tank. This water use restriction covers non-essential outside watering; watering will be permitted from 5pm-9am.

For questions please contact the Department of Public Works at 413-263-3230 

MEMA Encourages Residents to Stay Safe During Extreme Heat

“MEMA urges residents to take precautions during the upcoming extreme heat. Never leave children or pets alone in a closed vehicle, find an air-conditioned public space, cooling center, or other cool spot for relief, and watch for heat-related illnesses,” said Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) Director Samantha Phillips. “Please check on your family, friends, or neighbors to make sure they are safe during the extreme heat.” 

 For more information on heat-related illnesses and graphics, see

Range Use Notification

Please be advised the West Springfield Police Department will be using the West Springfield Sportsman's Club Shooting range on July 18, 20, 27, August 3. 




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To get out the message about the real benefits of prevention, Clare Jones, director of prevention services at Helping Services, developed this great Top 10 list. It was published originally in Prevention, Summer 2011 edition.

10. Because it's cheaper to prevent problems then to fix them. It is estimated that the cost to the nation for substance abuse is more than $500 billion dollars per year. For every $1 invested in prevention we can save up to $36. That is a lot of taxpayer money!

9. Sure, we've all heard "drink responsibly", but what does that mean? We need to have community conversations about what "low risk" drinking is, how we feel about drinking as a community, and how we model healthy behaviors for our kids. 

8. Kids who use alcohol before the age of 15 are significantly more likely to have lifelong problems with alcohol. How will that affect their lives when they are trying to balance school, a job, and a family down the line?

7. We know that the teenage brain is not completely developed until one's mid-twenties. Adding substances to that still-developing brain affects health, school performance, and makes youth more likely to engage in a whole range of other risky behaviors. Being a teenager is challenging enough as it is. Why make it harder?

6. It is not as easy as "Just Say No." All kids need to hear that it is unhealthy and unacceptable for anyone under the age of 21 to drink or use other drugs. Let's teach them how to say no, how to make good choices, and how to deal with stress in healthy ways. 

5. It is not just about having a designated driver. Do you know that alcohol is involved in 50% of sexual assaults?

4. Because drinking too much significantly increases your chances of being injured or even killed. Think fatal car crashes, falls, drowning, and burns.

3. Because parents need to hear the message that they are the number one reason most teenagers choose not to use alcohol or other drugs. Your children might be telling you that you're lame, but we know they are listening. Kids who don't have parents who make clear rules about alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or other drugs are three times more likely to use them. Talking over family dinners is a great way to start the conversation about your rules and consequences?

2. It can be as simple as matching kids with a mentor who will take them fishing or out to get an ice cream cone. Believe it! The research tells us it's true: mentoring can prevent drug use. Kids who are connected with caring adults are less likely to use substances and more likely to do better in school and in life. Who do the youth in your life trust and feel connected to?

And the No. 1 reason that prevention is important is...       

1. Because you can connect almost every other social concern to substance abuse in some way: crime, poor health, poverty and abuse, to name a few. If we can make an impact on local substance abuse: smoking (tobacco and/or marijuana), underage drinking, binge drinking and other drug use, we can take a big step toward creating a healthier community and healthier lives for those living in West Springfield.  


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