The West Springfield Retirement System is governed by Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 32 and reports to the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission (PERAC) as the regulatory authority. All City of West Springfield and West Springfield Housing Authority employees who meet eligibility requirements, except certified teachers, are members of the system.

There are approximately 600 active, 425 retirees/survivors and 150 inactive members in the system.

The West Springfield Contributory Retirement System is administered by the West Springfield Retirement Board that meets regularly on the last Tuesday of the month and consists of the following five members:

  • Sharon Wilcox – Chairman - Ex-Officio Member
  • Gwen Keough – Vice Chairman - Elected Member (2014)
  • William Flaherty – Elected Member (2019)
  • Thomas Cummings – Appointed Member (2016)
  • Daniel Marini – Fifth Member (2017)

The office staff consists of two full-time employees. James Lovotti is the Retirement Director and Tasha Hoye is the Retirement Finance Manager. The staff is responsible for maintaining all current member and retiree accounts, retiree payroll, accounting of all financial transactions, investment activity and government reporting. In addition we hold an open door policy, where we welcome and encourage any member seeking education, advice or guidance regarding their retirement account to come in for individual counseling.

For more information regarding the West Springfield Contributory Retirement System please go to the Retirement Board Information page on the PERAC website.