A Notice From Republic Services: The district will be closed today 12/3/19 due to the winter weather storm, the following is our plan for the remainder of the week, running on a 2 day delay this week working into next week as well which will be running on a 1 day delay,  Please see below:

Wednesday 12/4 running our Monday 12/2 route

Thursday 12/5 we will run our Tuesday 12/3 route

Friday 12/6 we will be run our Wednesday 12/4 route

Saturday 12/7 we will run our Thursday 12/5 route

Monday 12/9 we will run our Friday 12/6 route

Tuesday 12/10 we will run our Monday 12/9 route

Wednesday 12/11 we will run our Tuesday 12/10 route

Thursday 12/12 we will run our Wednesday 12/11 route

Friday 12/13 we will run our Thursday 12/12 route

Saturday 12/14 we will run our Friday 12/13 route

Zero Tolerance Policy

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Sportsmanship is our goal! We've adopted the following Zero Tolerance Policy for players and for parents. We encourage parents/guardians and coaches to review and discuss the "code of conduct" with each child participating in a West Springfield Park and Recreation Program. 

The Zero Tolerance Policy will be given out at registration time for each and every sport.

zero tolerance image

Click here to review the Zero Tolerance Policy Document: