Missing Person: The West Springfield Police Department has been actively looking for a missing person since Sunday afternoon on January 26th. This man was last seen in the Mittineague park area of town and there is concern for his well-being. We are asking residents in the Mittineague park area to check their property for signs of anything suspicious. Also, please contact the West Springfield Police Department if you observed anyone walking around your neighborhood this past Sunday. The man we are looking for is a white male, approximately 6 feet tall with red hair and hazel eyes. You can get more information and a photograph of the missing person on our Facebook Page. Please call the West Springfield Police Department at 263-3210 x 0 if you have any information that could help us locate this man. Thank you.

Field Use Application

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• Decisions to grant use of Town fields will be made in accordance with the following prioritization ranking
of users and groups.
1. Programs sponsored by the Park and Recreation Department
2. Programs sponsored by Town of West Springfield
3. Programs sponsored by town-affiliated non-profit
4. All other functions scheduled on a first-come first-served basis according to availability.
• The Park and Recreation Department must approve all requests for the right to use any recreation
facility and has the right to refuse any use.
• Anyone or any group using the facility, who charges fees for admissions, sells advanced tickets, takes
donations, or sells concessions or products must have approval of the Park and Recreation
• Renter must follow all Town of West Springfield Park Rules and Regulations. Time of use indicated on
permit must be adhered to.
• A new field request form must be made for each year/season. Repetitive reservations will not be
• Smoking is not allowed at Town owned property.


Field Use Application Form

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