COVID-19 Information & Updates

Town Hall, Senior Center and the Library are closed to the public until further notice.

The West Springfield Police Department and Fire Department lobby's are closed to the public for non-emergencies.

Please call the business line to any department regarding Town business as will be doing our best to assist you by phone or via email.

Registration Forms

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Registrations are currently accepted for all programs listed within this website, unless otherwise noted.  When registering, please take note as to which registration form to use FORM A, FORM B, or the form designed specifically for the program at hand. 

Use FORM A to register for all camps: Centrum Playground, Centrum Tiny Tots, Centrum S.T.E.P., sport camps, art enrichment, and babysitter training.

Use FORM B to register for all sport leagues, swim lessons, bus trips, aerobics, yoga, & garden plots.

1.  Participation in programs is restricted to West Springfield residents, unless otherwise noted.

2. Only parents or legal guardians may register their own children.

3.  We reserve the right to;

        A. Cancel a program due to low enrollment or lack of staff

        B.  Limit ages and size of program or class

        C.  Request proof of residency or age at anytime.  Proof of residency and age are required for first time participants.

4.  Return check policy: $25.



Within the West Springfield Park and Recreation Department programs you will notice different fees for Town of West Springfield Residents (R) and Non-Residents (NR).  The Town of West Springfield residents make a significant contribution to the financing and operation of the West Springfield Park and Recreation Department through town property taxes.  These taxes are paid whether or not individuals participate in programs.

To ensure equity, non-residents (those living outside the West Springfield Town limits) will be charged a non-resident fee in addition to the program fee based upon the type of program offered. 

The two types of fee structures are;

(1) Self-Supporting – Programs where the registration fee covers the direct cost of the program.  Non-resident fee will include the program fee plus an additional administrative fee of $5 - $10.    

(2) Fair-Share (non-resident fee) – programs where tax dollars are allocated to offset registration fees for residents.  Non-residents will be charged the program fee plus an additional equitable based fee, to offset the tax dollars contributed by residents.

To learn more about our Non-Resident Policy Click here



Must be paid when you register.  Payment may be by cash, check or money order. Checks and money orders should be made payable to “The Town of West Springfield." 



If the class/program you desire has already been filled, staff will return your fee and keep your registration form.  You will be notified if a space becomes available or new classes are formed.  Program openings will be on a first come first served basis from the waiting list.



It is the policy of the Park and Recreation Commission that the inability to pay a fee should not deter any child who wishes to participate in a program from doing so. Families wishing to apply for financial assistance may do so in person at the P&R office. Please bring the following documents for filing for financial assistance; proof of residency, proof of household members, proof on income.

In addition to obtaining the necessary documents, please fill out this form and bring with you when applying.



General programs and sport activities:

  1. Full refunds will be made when requested three weeks prior to the start of a program, activity or the participant has been assigned to a team.
  2. Partial refunds will be made when requested less than three weeks before the start of an activity, 30% of the registration will be retained as administrative cost, and 70% will be returned to the purchaser.
  3. No refunds will be made once a class, program or sports activity has begun.

Centrum and Centrum Tiny Tots Playground Programs Refund Policy:

  1. A full refund will be made if requested prior to the 1st business day in June. (on or before May 31st.)
  2. Partial refunds will be made when requested three weeks before the start of a session, 30% of the fee will be retained as administrative cost, and 70% will be returned to the purchaser. No refunds will be made when requested less than three weeks prior to the start of a session.
  3. No refunds will be made once a session has begun.
  4. Refunds take 4-6 weeks for processing



Our activities fill up fast. Due to limited space, there maybe times when not everyone can be accommodated, or programs maybe cancelled due to low enrollment.  Nothing kills a program faster than residents who wait until the last minute to register.  There is a point when a program must be cancelled or modified if there are insufficient registrations. All programs require a high level of coordination, including facility scheduling, staffing, volunteer recruitment and purchasing of supplies.  Please do not wait until the last minute to register!


WebTrac Online Registration

WebTrac is our new online registration system, which provides our customers with an additional method of registering for select West Springfield Park & Recreation Department’s recreational activities.  Those with internet access can view class availability, register for a class, and view their class history, 24 hours a day.  Click here to sign in.

New Users Click Here to begin your online profile. Proof of household residency and proof of age are required for NEW households, please submit copies to the Park and Recreation Offices after your registration is complete.  Once you have completed the registration and submitted your documentation, you will receive an email confirming your status, and provide you with a “user name” and “password” so that you may access the WebTrac system.    

NOTE:   Please ensure that the dates of birth and grades that you provide for the participants are accurate, as the system will not allow enrollment for a program if the age and/or grade criteria are not met.  Proof of age is required for NEW participants.

Existing Users who have forgotten their passwords Click Here to reset your password.