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Park/Playground Rules and Regulations

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Park/Playground Rules and Regulations

The Mayor, pursuant to the West Springfield Home Rule Charter and Ordinances, hereby makes and publishes the following rules for the use of all parks and playgrounds. 

A) All public parks and playgrounds shall be closed between dusk and dawn, unless otherwise posted. For the purposes of these rules and regulations dusk ends one-half (1/2) hour after sunset and dawn begins one-half (1/2) hour before sunrise.

B) No person is permitted in a park or playground between dusk and dawn unless otherwise authorized as set forth in these rules and regulations.

C) Any unauthorized motor vehicle in any park or playground between dusk and dawn shall be towed at the owner’s expense.

D) The following are not permitted activities in all public parks and playgrounds:

  1. To damage, injure, deface, or destroy any property, including but not limited to any tree, shrub, plant, rock, building, cage, pen, monument, lawn, fence, bench, or artifact.
  2. To litter, deposit trash or debris or any other materials, except within containers provided therefore.
  3. To deposit or dispose of any household or commercial refuse of any sort.
  4. To post or display signs, placards or any other advertising devices.
  5. To solicit contributions except as otherwise set forth herein.
  6. Fund raising activities by non-profit charitable organizations are prohibited, except where the proceeds will be used for the benefit of organizations for the education and/or enrichment of children, such as the Boy’s and Girl’s Club, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, such activities may be permitted by the Park and Recreation Department upon issuance of a permit by said department.
  7. To remove any bench or any other municipal property from the premises.
  8. To operate or drive any motor vehicle (including, but not limited to: automobile, truck, motorcycle, motorbike, mini-bike, snowmobile, ATV, go-cart, 4 wheel drive vehicle) upon any part of the park or parkway except paved roads, and designated parking areas.
  9. To operate or park an unregistered motor vehicle of any type.
  10. To start fires, except in fireplaces provided by the Town for use by the public. In times of dry weather, a total ban on the use of fire shall be indicated by the posting of notices at appropriate locations.
  11. To allow a dog in any park or playground unless the person having control of a dog, has it on a leash. No person shall allow his or her dog on play areas, playfields, tennis courts, swimming pools, wading pools or any structure under any circumstances. All persons in control of a dog are responsible for removal of dog feces. 
  12. To fish or hunt on any park property, except at such places and times as shall be authorized by the laws of the Commonwealth and the Director of Parks and Recreation, and then only if duly licensed.
  13. To hit golf balls.
  14. To operate commercial vehicles in any parks and playgrounds, except as authorized by permit issued by the Mayor or his/her designee.
  15. To operate a motor vehicle in excess of 15mph on any park road and parking areas.
  16. To repair any motor vehicle.
  17. To wash or clean or polish any motor vehicle.
  18. No car radio, musical instrument, radio, tape player or other sound amplification device shall be operated in a manner that significantly interferes with the use or enjoyment of the park by other members of the public. 
  19. To erect or maintain a tent, shelter, camp, lodge, or other structure in any park or playground without the prior written consent of the Mayor or his/her designee.
  20. To play any game, sport or activity, whether organized or informal, on any park land specifically designated or designed for another use if that game, sport or activity will cause damage to the land or interfere with an activity in progress or one that has been scheduled.
  21. To disobey any legal request or order of the Police, or any agent or employee of the Town of West Springfield.
  22. To use or possess a firearm, explosive device, bow and arrow, blowgun, sling shot, B.B. gun, paintball gun, pellet gun, spear or trap or any other such device.
  23. To possess and consume alcohol unless permitted in accordance with a permit issued by the Mayor or his/her designee and a Special License to serve beer and/or wine issued by the License Commission. 

Rules and regulations governing permits for the possession and consumption of beer and wine are available in the Office of the Park and Recreation Department. 

The Mayor or his/her designee may, after request for a waiver of any of the above rules and regulations, grant said request where he/she determines the health, safety and welfare of the public and the intended purpose of the operation of park or playground is found not to be adversely affected.

Any person violating any of the above rules and regulations shall, in addition to any other civil or criminal penalty, be subject to a fine of $25.00 for first offense, $50.00 for second, $100.00 for third and subsequent offenses. Violators may also be prohibited by the Director of Park and Recreation from future use of the parks and playgrounds.

Persons using these premises and properties do so at their own risk.

The Rules and Regulations may be enforced by means of a non-criminal ticketing procedure as set forth in the Town ordinance adopted pursuant to G.L. Ch. 40, 21D.

The Mayor may amend these rules and regulations, as he/she deems appropriate.

These Rules and Regulations adopted the date hereinafter written and to be become effective upon their publication in the West Springfield Record.

Revised 5/31/2007