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Non-Resident Policies

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User Fee Policy for Recreational Programs


Within the West Springfield Park and Recreation Department programs you will notice different fees for Town of West Springfield Residents (R) and Non-Residents (NR). The Town of West Springfield residents make a significant contribution to the financing and operation of the West Springfield Park and Recreation Department through town property taxes. These taxes are paid whether or not individuals participate in programs. To ensure equity, non-residents (those living outside the West Springfield Town limits) will be charged a non-resident fee in addition to the program fee based upon the type of program offered. 

The two types of fee structures are:

  1. Self-Supporting – Programs where the registration fee covers the direct cost of the program. Non-resident fee will be the program fee plus an additional administrative fee of $10.
  2. Fair-Share (non-resident fee) – programs where tax dollars are allocated to offset registration fees for residents. Non-residents will be charged the program fee plus an additional equitable based fee, to offset the tax dollars contributed by residents. 

The Director of Park and Recreation will review the fees on an annual basis and submit an annual fee schedule to the Park and Recreation Commission for review. The Director has the authority to limit/cap the amount non-residents allowed into a program and/or designate a registration time frame for non-residents. 

Guidelines to determine residency

To establish a child’s residency, a valid driver’s license, a copy of a Purchase/Sales Agreement, Lease Agreement, or Rental Agreement or other evidence of residency (the sufficiency of which will be determined by the West Springfield Park and Recreation Department and its representatives and employees) must be provided, at the time of registration. Failure to provide adequate proof of residency will result in you being charged the non-resident rate, and your family will be processed as a non-resident.

The child must be residing in West Springfield with at least one parent or legal guardian who has physical custody, or, if living with a non – parent/guardian must be able to demonstrate that he/she has residency in West Springfield for purposes other than to participate in programs in West Springfield. If the child is not residing with a parent or legal guardian, the parent/legal guardian and the West Springfield citizen with whom the child is living must both provide letters of certification of residency, which specify why the child is living in West Springfield, and with whom. These letters must accompany the program registration form. 

Eligibility for participation in West Springfield Park and Recreation Department sponsored or co-sponsored programs will be determined by the child’s residence at the time they are assigned to a team by the appropriate board or authority, or, in the event such activity is not a sports related program, on the date the program commences. In the event that the child’s residence changes during the course of the program(s), such child will be allowed to complete the program(s). The Park and Recreation Commission reserves the rights to amend, reject, or take no action on all appeals of this policy if they deem it in the best interest of the town to do so.

Registration process

West Springfield residents' registrations will be processed first. Non-residents will have an opportunity to register for programs on a space available basis after town residents have had an opportunity to register. Non-residents may be placed on a waiting list, and will be eligible to register if an opening exists after all West Springfield residents from the waiting list are given first right of refusal. 

Supersedes Policy: February 28, 2005

Effective: (date) To start with basketball 2012 registration

Voted & Approved Park & Recreation Commission on February 13, 2012 – UAV

Approved by the Mayor – September 7, 2012