Skating Areas in Town

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When the cold weather permits, the West Springfield Park and Recreation Department, in cooperation with the Department of Public Works (DPW), maintains the following areas for recreational skating during the winter months.

Amostown Reservoir - Located corner of Smyrna and Amostown Road

Frog Pond - Located in Mittineague Park behind the Green House.

The Park and Recreation Department would like to remind residents that the DPW’s first priority during snowstorms is to clear snow from the streets and sidewalks.  Once they have completed the storm clean up, the DPW returns to maintaining our skating facilities.


The Department recommends the following ice skating safety tips:

1.  Before skating, call the Park and Recreation Department's current events phone line at (413) 781-3020 for current skating conditions.
2.  Skate only on ice 6 inches or thicker.
3.  Never skate by yourself.
4.  Keep emergency equipment available.
5.  Warn others skaters of dangerous conditions.
6.  Do not skate at night, unless in lighted areas.
7.  Be courteous to other skaters - play hockey only in designated areas.
8.  Do not throw objects onto the ice surface.


Click here for the DCR Skating Rink Schedule for the 2019-2020 season!