Update from Republic Services on Final Yard Waste Pick-up:

If you still have yard-waste to be picked up and your trash is normally on Thursday or Friday, yard waste will be picked up on Saturday 12/14/19. If it is not picked up on Saturday it will be picked up on Tuesday 12/17/19. If your yard waste has not been picked up by the end of the day Tuesday please call DPW at 263-3246 and provide your address and DPW will pick it up.


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Get ready for the 2020 Softball Season!

Teams will be formed according to the grade the child is currently in for school year 2019-2020.

Activity Code: League:  Resident Fee:  Late Fee:  Non-Resident Fee:
219000-02 Girls Kindergarten $20 $35  $35 
219000-03 Girls Grades 1 & 2  $20   $35 $35
219000-04 Girls Grades 3 & 4 $20  $35 $35
219000-05 Girls Grades 5 & 6  $20  $35  $35
219000-06 Girls Grades 7, 8, 9, & 10  $20  $35  $35

*Non-Residents can sign up if openings exist. Priority goes to residents first.

*Softball Need-to-Knows*

  • Registration typically will take place October - end of February (exact dates will vary) 
  • Softball practices will begin at the end of April. 
  • Season will end in June (typically when school gets out)
  • Girls Kindergarten League will meet 2 times a week (previous year met Mondays & Wednesdays 5:45pm),  practices and scrimmage together in the same hour. Coaches Pitch  @ Ohio Field. 
  • Girls Grades 1 & 2 -  Meets 2 times a week. Games during the week (Monday or Wednesdays) & practices on Saturdays. Pitching machine is used @ Old Tatham Field
  • Girls Grades 3 & 4- Meets 2 times a week Games during the week (Tuesday, Thursday or Fridays) & practices on Saturdays. Pitching machine is used @ Old Tatham Field
  • Girls Grades 5-10. Meets 2-3 times a week (includes weekends. May include traveling to other towns, schedule will vary to accommodate other town schedule. 
  • Park & Recreation will provide a uniform t-shirt. Parent/Guardian must provide a glove. Sneakers and/or cleats can be worn.

What do we provide?

  • Team shirt
  • Helmets
  • Bats
  • Balls

What equipment do you need to buy?

  • Glove
  • Cleats/Sneakers