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Sanitary Sewer

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To: Town of West Springfield Sanitary Sewer customers

Re: Flushable wipes, Hygiene Products and Grease cause sanitary sewer blockages / backups into buildings

Dear Property Owner and Building Occupant,

When our DPW crews respond to plugged sanitary sewer calls they typically find that the blockage has been caused by hygiene products, wipes, grease from cooking, or a combination of all.

Please help us by not dumping grease down your drain and only flushing toilet-paper products in your toilet.

Many household products are labeled and marketed as disposable and/or flushable; many baby and adult personal hygiene products, along with household wipes and cleaning towelletes are labeled both disposable and flushable. While these products may be marketed as a convenience item in this way, the truth is that these types of items have the ability to clog and stop up not only the sewer line on your property, but also can cause blockage and service problems in the public sewer system and pump stations.

Unlike toilet paper, these products do not break down once they are flushed. They can cause blockages in your on‐site sewer, especially older pipelines that may have greases, roots, or other obstructions already existing. A repair of the on‐site sewer line can leave the home owner or business owner with a very costly sewer repair.

On a larger scale, when these products make their way into the public sewer system they collect together, causing very large obstructions and clogs in the main collector lines and get tangled in pump stations requiring repair or replacement of equipment. A simple internet search of “sewer wipes” will explain the issue in more detail.

I am writing to ask that you please do not flush hygiene products / flushable wipes in the toilet or dump grease down your drain. Simply dispose of these in your trash.


Robert J. Colson

Wipes – Wipes Clog Pipes!


The Toilet Is Not A Trash can

If you are using any type of wipe (whether or not is says “flushable”), please do not flush them down the toilet; please dispose of them in your trash can.

These items can clog you household plumbing, the pipes in the street and the critical equipment at the treatment plant.  Products that might seem safe to flush down the toilet, such as: personal care wipes, other personal care products, gloves, dental floss, paper towels, and grease, don’t dissolve quickly – or at all – in water.  Remember that wipes clog pipes!

In the meantime, please make sure to dispose of personal care products, cleaning supplies, grease and other household waste properly.  For waste disposal options please visit: