Storm Water

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Storm Water Management Program

Please see below for all information regarding our current Storm Water Management Program. 


Click this link to read our Storm Water Management Program plan and any information related to it. 

Public Announcements

"Soak Up the Rain Pioneer Valley is a resource to help us reduce the impacts of storm water runoff from our homes and businesses." To read more about this program please click this link.  

Storm Water Pollution Education

Fertilizing the Lawn

"When you fertilize the lawn,'re not just fertilizing the lawn. If applied improperly or in excess, fertilizer can be washed off your property and end up in lakes and streams."

 The information packet placed here will help you determine how and when to put down fertilizer in hopes to keep our waters clean.  

Leaf Litter 

Get wise about your leaf litter. Consider your options by reading this information sheet regarding disposal and pick up later this year. 


Do your part and be septic smart by reading this pamphlet

Pet Waste

To help keep our water clean, please pick up your pets' waste. For more information, please see the Pet Waste Flyer.