Water Use Restriction In Effect

Please be advised a water ban is in effect starting July 15, 2019 until the end of December of 2019. The Town of West Springfield is implementing a water use restriction due to service on the Pease Ave water tank. This water use restriction covers non-essential outside watering; watering will be permitted from 5pm-9am.

For questions please refer to the towns mandatory water use restriction notification.

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Jessica Gonthier
Clerk, License Commission
T: 413-495-1841

License Commission

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Licensing Through the License Commission (New and Renewals)

  • all alcohol
  • clubs all alcohol
  • common victualer
  • wine & malt
  • inn-holder all alcohol
  • package store all alcohol (open 7 days a week)
  • package store wine & malt (open 7 days a week)
  • seasonal all alcohol
  • seasonal wine & malt

All Alcoholic/Wine & Malt - Annual and Seasonal Changes

Alteration of premises, change of corporate name, change of d/b/a, change of hours, change of license type,change of location, change of manager, new officers/directors, new stockholders, pledge of license, pledge of stock,seasonal to annual, transfer of license.

  • arcade
  • automatic amusement device (aad)
  • change of aad’s
  • bowling
  • common victualer
  • entertainment - weekday town
  • entertainment - sun. town & state
  • entertainment - sun. early open town&state
  • fortune tellers
  • inn-holder
  • juke box
  • junk dealer/collector
  • misc device - weekdays, town
  • misc device - Sundays, town & state
  • class i motor vehicle
  • class ii motor vehicle
  • class iii motor vehicle
  • lease/rent vehicles
  • pinball machine - weekdays, town
  • pinball machine - Sundays, town & state
  • pool table
  • Sunday early opening
  • storage of inflammables - transfer of ownership, increase of storage amounts
  • street furniture
  • Sunday entertainment
  • taxi/livery company
  • taxi/livery driver's license
  • video games fee - Sunday state
  • video game - Sundays, town
  • video game - weekdays, town
  • temporary licensing through the license commission
  • wine & malt (each same day location)
  • common victualer (each same day location)
  • entertainment (week)
  • all events at the eastern states exposition
  • entertainment – temp Sunday (1 pm open)
  • entertainment – temp Sunday early open (before 1 pm)


  • Dennis Powers - Chairman
  • John Weiss - Vice Chairman
  • Anthony DiStefano, Secretary