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Student Prevention Needs Assessment Survey

Every two years, the CARE Coalition partners with West Springfield Public Schools (WSPS) to administer the Student Prevention Needs Assessment Survey to students in grades 8, 10, and 12. This survey is designed to assess student health behaviors, as well as their exposure to various risk and protective factors. These risk and protective factors have been shown to influence the likelihood of academic success, school dropout, substance use and misuse, violence, delinquency among youth, and more. Student participation in this survey is always voluntary. Survey responses are anonymous and completely confidential. The information students provide us with in this survey is used to guide future strategies and community action.

Note: The information in the following tabs primarily summarizes data collected around alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco. We focus most strongly on these three substances, because they are reported to be the most used substances among WSPS students, and therefore, they are the focus of our work as a youth substance use prevention coalition. Data regarding additional substances and health behaviors can be made available upon request. 

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