image of town attorney MOB sign

The Town of West Springfield Law Department

Pursuant to the Home Rule Charter, the Law Department, under the supervision of the Town Attorney, is authorized and instructed to defend all suits at law and in equity that may be brought against the Town and to prosecute any suits in the name of the Town.

In addition, the Law Department is responsible for providing legal advice, assistance and support to all Town officials, boards, committees, commissions, department heads and employees in the lawful performance of their duties. The Law Department is responsible for a wide variety of duties and essentially acts as a full-service law office.

The Law Department is committed to minimizing legal risks and costs, reducing litigation exposure and ensuring legal compliance in an efficient, expeditious, reliable and professional manner.

Please be advised that the Law Department represents the Town only and cannot provide legal advice to private citizens or companies.

Department Head

Kate O'Brien Scott

Chief of Staff/General Counsel