Central Maintenance

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Department Head

Ben Paquette

Director / Energy Mgr.

The Central Maintenance Department provides efficient and timely building and maintenance services for our city's facilities and grounds, with a commitment to energy efficiency and resource sustainability. We continually strive to create a community-wide environment that our residents can take pride in.

Our department maintains 9 School Buildings, Library, Senior Center, City Hall, and several other municipally owned properties.

Central Maintenance works closely with other departments such as School, Parks & Recreation, Public Works and Planning, assisting them in reaching their project goals.

Additionally, we are responsible for the upkeep of all City parks, sports fields, playgrounds and pavilions. Our Forestry division, along with our Tree Warden, assess and maintain our city's tree inventory.

West Springfield attained it's Green Community designation on December 22, 2015! We are dedicated to reducing energy consumption in a variety of ways; responsibly lowering our carbon footprint and reducing energy costs.

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For streetlight repair requests, please email Director Ben Paquette at bpaquette@tows.org


Please complete the linked document(PDF, 53KB) and email to Ben Paquette at bpaquette@tows.org or return to Town Hall



The Town is currently in the process of converting all of our streetlights to LED. There are approximately 2250 lights in inventory that we acquired from Eversource. The Town is now responsible for maintenance of streetlight only poles/fixtures and streetlight fixtures if mounted on a utility pole. If there is an issue with a pole that has utilities on it with or without a streetlight, Eversource is still responsible for any repairs. The project should be complete by the end of summer and there is a link https://arcg.is/1qGCfO0 on the town website to a real time dashboard to track the progress. The project is partially funded through a DOER/MAPC grant and utility incentives which will cover approximately 40% of the cost. The annual savings to the Town is about $300,000. The payback on the project is under 5 years. As part of the project we have included “smart controls” which will allow us to dim lighting on demand or schedule, and track streetlights that are out. It will also allow for possible future expansion to monitor traffic patterns, install remote cameras, create WiFi networks, among other technologies.  

West Springfield’s Community Choice Power Supply Program 

Basic Service rates change twice a year or more, depending on rate class.  As a result, the Town’s aggregation rate may not always be lower than the Basic Service rate.  The goal of the aggregation is to deliver savings over the life of the Program against Eversource Basic Service.  However, savings cannot be guaranteed.  You may opt-in or opt-out of the Town’s Program at any time with no fees or penalties by going online at www.colonialpowergroup.com/west-springfield/, filling out and submitting the OPT-IN/OPT-OUT form OR by calling First Point at (888) 875-1711.