Arts Council



The West Springfield Arts Council is one of 329 local cultural councils working in partnership with the Mass Cultural Council to award grants to qualified individuals and organizations for projects that benefit the community. Grants range from $250 to several thousand dollars.

Cultural programs include everything from field trips to lectures, festivals, puppet shows, art classes, and dance performances.

Annually, the West Springfield Arts Council seeks proposals for community-oriented humanities and science programs. Council members consider each proposal that is submitted and determine the applicants that successfully meet the funding criteria established by the Mass Cultural Council.

The West Springfield Arts Council holds monthly meetings in the Rotary Room of the West Springfield Public Library to review current projects and to plan new initiatives. All meetings are open to the public.

Mission Statement


The mission of the West Springfield Arts Council is to promote, support, and encourage the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences within the West Springfield community.

Members of the West Springfield Arts Council believe that people of all ages need exposure and experiences with the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences. These experiences are nourishment for the body, heart and mind.

Arts involve the creation, presentation and preservation of, and education about works in the following disciplines: Crafts, Design, Folk, Interdisciplinary, Literary, Media, Performing and Visual Arts.

Humanities are branches of learning that deal with self-awareness, language, reason, creativity, human values and aspirations and the products of all of these.

Interpretive Sciences are those activities that engage people of all ages in learning about nature, science and technology in ways that connect directly to their lives.