Conservation Commission

Assisted by a Conservation Officer, the Conservation Commission is a volunteer group of 7 citizens of West Springfield specifically charged with the protection of wetlands and related resource areas. All projects that fall within the jurisdiction of the Conservation Commission are reviewed by the Commission to ensure that impact to any resource areas is minimized. The public is encouraged to contact the Commission Officer to determine whether their project, regardless of size, is subject to the jurisdiction of the Conservation Commission.

Mission Statement

It Is the mission of the Conservation Commission to protect, promote and enhance the quality and quantity of natural resources especially wetlands, wildlife and water resources; through planning, acquisition, land management, regulation, research and public education within the town of West Springfield for the maximum benefit of its residents.

In addition, the Conservation Commission is responsible for administering the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, M.G.L. Chapter 131, section 40 and its regulations 310 CMR 10. The eight interests of the Wetlands Protection Act are

  • protection of public and private water supply;
  • protection of groundwater supply;
  • flood control protection;
  • storm damage prevention;
  • prevention of pollution;
  • protection of land containing shellfish;
  • protection of fisheries;
  • protection of wildlife habitat.

The Conservation Commission reviews and permits projects that are proposed within wetlands and a 100 foot buffer zone around wetland resource areas that border on any creek, river, stream, pond or lake. In addition, the Commission reviews projects that fall within areas subject to flooding and an area of 200 feet either side of the mean annual high water line of perennial streams.