Real Estate Tax Exemptions FY25

Published on February 26, 2024


Statutory Real Estate Tax Exemptions 

Available to Qualifying Individuals

Under Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 59, Section 5, the Assessors may provide tax relief to qualified persons. Exemptions may differ in each municipality based on local acceptance.  

Below are the exemptions allowable by law and available in West Springfield: 

Veteran Exemption:  Disabled (10% or greater), Purple Heart, Surviving Spouse.  $400 up to Full Exemption depending on qualifications.

Blind Exemption:  As per the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind.  $500

Senior Exemption (65+):    Must meet income and asset limits.  $1,000

Senior (70+), Surviving Spouse or Minor Exemption:  Must meet asset limits.  $175

Each exemption has its own eligibility requirements that must be met.  

The eligible date for all exemptions is July 1 which is the start of the fiscal year.  The assessing office begins accepting applications for Veteran and Blind exemptions after July 1st.  All other applications are accepted after August 1st.  

Applications must be accompanied by a completed application and all supporting documentation.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted.  If you received an exemption last year, the assessing office will automatically send you an application this year.  

The deadline to apply for a FY2025 exemption is April 1, 2025.


Any individual who qualifies for a real estate tax exemption in the previous fiscal year, will also be eligible for a ten percent (10%) discount on their water and sewer rate.  This discount will be automatically applied effective July 1 of the following fiscal year.

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