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Park Avenue and Park Street Complete Streets Project. Rendering of proposed multi-use path around the Common. Click here.


 Cataumet Lane and Al's Way Temporary Traffic Impacts starting Monday, June 22, 2020. Click Here


Valley View Circle - Temporary Waste Pick up Schedule Change. Click Here


Birnie Avenue Piper Road Area Sewer Expansion - for plans click here and for specifications click here.  

  • Milestones:

  • Notice to Proceed was given to Mass-West Construction, Inc. on May 1, 2020

  • Substantial Completion (Valley View Sewershed Excluding Pump Station Work) – October 31, 2020

  • Substantial Completion (All Other Work) – June 30, 2021

  • Final Completion – August 15, 2021

On May 14, 2019 - Dpw Project Manager Connor Knightly delivered via hang tags to Residents doors the following message. If you did not get this message and need assistance please contact Connor Knightly - his contact information is below.

 Notice Residents in the Birnie / Piper area Sanitary Sewer Expansion Project

 Dear Resident:

 As of May 1st, 2020, the Birnie Ave / Piper Road area Sewer Expansion Project has been initiated by Mass-West Construction Inc. You are receiving this notice because you are within the limits of the project and the DPW wants to be sure you receive the best possible service from this project.  The project will be completed in phases over the next few construction seasons.  

 During the developmental stages of this project, the Town mailed information requests to all affected properties in an effort to install the sewer lateral pipe for each property at the most convenient location.  Sewer lateral stubs were included on the plans in accordance to those forms received by the DPW.  Sewer Lateral Stubs for properties that did not return a form to the Town were designed based the most common placement of neighboring properties.

Attached with this letter is a snapshot of the project plans for your property showing where the Sewer Lateral Stub will be installed.  If the location needs to change you need to provide that information as soon as possible by noting the changes on the attached letter and emailing it to Project Manager Connor Knightly at or by delivering it to the DPW in the Town Hall mail drop box at 26 Central Street.

There may be instances were where the location of your sewer stub may need to be adjusted due to unforeseen conditions.  The final location and depth of the installed sewer will be provided to you upon completion of the project. All sewer stubs are being installed at a slope of one quarter inch ( ¼”) per foot from the sewer main to the town right of way line.

Recurring Topics for this Project include:                                                                                                                                

  • Question: Will the current project cost me anything? 
    • Answer: The cost of this project (installation of the Sewer Main and Service Stubs to the house property line / Town Right of Way line) is being paid for by the Town’s sewer enterprise fund user fees. However the cost to install the sewer lateral pipe from the property line to the house is at the owner’s expense.
  • Question: Who is responsible to connect your home to the sewer main?
  • Answer: The installation of sewer lateral pipe from the House to the Service Stub is the responsibility of the Property Owners.  This work requires a DPW Permit and must be done by a Drain layer that is licensed with the West Springfield DPW.
  • Question: How long do houses have until they need to connect to the sewer main?
    • Answer: The Health Department requires connection within 2 years of completion and acceptance of the system by the Town, which is currently scheduled to be August 15, 2023. However, the Health Department is considering extending the 2 year timeframe to 5 years for the properties affected by this project and it will be discussed at the Board of Health meeting scheduled for  May 20, 2020, at 5:15PM.
  • Question: When will the sewer be active?
    • Answer: Some sections of this project will have sanitary sewer availability as soon as November 2020 if conditions are favorable.  Other neighborhoods will be brought online spring / summer of 2021.
  • Question: How long will this project last?
    • Answer: Project completion is scheduled for August 15, 2021.
  • Question: After a house is connected to the sanitary sewer system what happens to the septic system?
    • Answer: The septic system will need to be discontinued per regulations from the West Springfield Board of Health.  This process is handled through the Health Department.

 If you have any questions, please contact:

Project Manager Connor Knightly at or 413-263-3249  Or James Czach, P.E.: Town Engineer or 413-263-3244

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Connor M. Knightly



On 5/11/2020 work will start on Valley View Circle.

On 5/18/20 work will start on Cataumet and Jeffrey Lane

The Contractor (Mass-West Construction, Inc. and their subcontractors) will be delivering the below notice to residents.

To:      Residents of Valley View Circle

 RE:      Birnie Avenue/Piper Road Area Sewer Expansion Project

 Date:   May 6, 2020

 Dear Resident:

 The Town of West Springfield has contracted with MASS-WEST Construction, Inc. to expand the sewer in your neighborhood.

 Work will begin on Valley View Circle on Monday, May 11, 2020.  We will begin working at 7:00 AM Monday – Friday and should be completed each day by 4:00 PM.

 We understand that this may be a short-term inconvenience and we hope to work together with you in a professional and amicable manner for the long-term improvement of your neighborhood.

 You will begin to see utility companies painting the streets and putting little flags in your yard.  Please do not remove or alter these marks for the duration of the project.

 Property owners are encouraged to mark any privately owned underground facilities within a couple feet of the road such as irrigation systems or underground dog fencing.  MASS-WEST Construction cannot be responsible for damage to private utilities if we are unaware of their existence.

 If you have any questions regarding this notice of the construction project, feel free to contact MASS-WEST Construction at the address below or by email to


 MASS-WEST Construction, Inc.


95-100 Birnie Avenue Culvert Modification -for plans Click here for specifications click here

 Orchardview and  Hilltop Streets road/stormwater/water/wastewater improvements - project design is just beginning - for scope of work click here

Spring/ Summer 2020 Roadway Resurfacing Program. (click link below)


Spring Summer 2020 Paving


Future Memorial Avenue and Morgan Sullivan Bridge Completed (Rendering). (click links below)


Sheet 1 of 2

Sheet 2 of 2


 Amostown Road and Pease Avenue Sidewalks (including Country View Roadway Work). (click link below)

Plans as of March 2020

 Amostown Road and Pease Avenue - Sidewalks 100% Design (including Country View Roadway Work)


West Springfield Connecticut River Walk and Bikeway


Riverwalk Aerial View


 CT Riverwalk Picture South End after Paving from Top of Levee


 CT Riverwalk Picture South End after Paving from Trail