Altamont Acquistion

Altamont Acquistion Project: June 2017-June 2018


project map


55 Altamont Avenue entry sign

Altamont property southwest view of house and garage

Summary: The house at 55 Altamont Avenue is a building constructed sometime between 1920-1923 in the former West Springfield subdivision known as Tatham Heights East. The house and land come with a vigorous history, including three original owners, stone walls (uncommon for that time period), and 2.34 acres of land. The land abuts the the now UNICO building, which sits on property that was previously a part of the Robinson State Park holdings.

In 2004 the Town of West Springfield received approval to acquire 55 Altamont Avenue, however, the town was going through governmental changes and the owners discovered an underground oil storage tank leak, and due to the amount of time involved, the property was never bought by the town. Mayor Reichelt took the opportunity upon himself to once again attempt to acquire the property, and made a deal with the owner to purchase it in 2017.

Acquiring the 55 Altamont property now has improved access and circulation to, from, and within Mittineague Park, has created new recreational opportunities, and has been designated as a town historic resource. This will provide increased conservation education programming and a space to exhibit and store the many historic objects and momentos that have been previously stored in many other places throughout West Springfield.

CPA Program Area(s): Open Space, Historical Preservation, Recreation

Total Cost: $667, 400, 53% ($357, 048) funded by CPA, 47% ($310, 052) funded by PARC grant