Park Ranger

Park Ranger magnet design

The West Springfield Park Ranger program was established in July 2012 under the direction of the West Springfield Park & Recreation Department to address concerns in Mittineague Park. The Park Ranger provides and promotes safe and enjoyable use of Town parks, fields, and recreation facilities to enforce Town of West Springfield Park and Playground Rules and Regulations, as set forth in the Town ordinance adopted pursuant to G.L. Ch. 40, 21D.

The primary purpose of the Park Ranger position is to work as ambassadors for the Park & Recreation Department to educate, instruct, and assist park users. Park Rangers also serve as the "eyes and ears" for the Police Department in an effort to prevent crime and vandalism.

Park Ranger Duties:

  • Patrols recreation areas on foot and/or by vehicle to monitor users' activities, and maintain a safe/secure environment, preventing vandalism.
  • May issue "Notice of Violation" of Town Bylaws, rules or regulations
  • Develops and maintains good public relations with the general public and law enforcement
  • Provides information to the public regarding the recreational area and specific points of interest
  • Responds to public inquiry and resolves compliance issues regarding permits at picnic areas, parks, and athletic fields
  • Checks for valid permits for all field users and large picnic groups. Checks on all permits for each shift.
  • Maintains logs of patrol activity and/or vandalism to the West Springfield Police Department and the Director of Park & Recreation
  • Clearing of park facilities at closing times and locking up Park gates at posted times
  • Environmental Stewardship - promoting a clean park!