Mittineague Park Gateway Improvements

Mittineague Park Gateway Improvements: May 2014-October 2014


Mittineague Park Gateway 2014


Mittineague Park Gateway now

Summary: The Mittineague Park Gateway is located at the Westfield St./Fife Ln. entrance of Mittineague Park. Mittineague Park as a whole was originally purchased in 1935, and expanded in 1963 with acquisition of Achenbach Farm and land from the Commonwealth's Robinson State Park. Mittineague Park is a focal point of recreational activities and West Springfield identity.

Within the first 10 years of the park expansion, a local civic group, UNICO, donated funds to construct a building to provide recreational programming for children with special needs. After being used since that time, in 2012, the town put forth funding for the UNICO building renovation. This gave the opportunity for the building to serve a greater variety of recreational programming and clients, especially seniors. During the planning process it was determined that the UNICO building and other activities located at the Westfield St./Fife Ln. entrance needed a stronger linkage to each other. This gave birth to the 2014 Mittineague Park Gateway Project.

CPA Program Area: Recreation

Total Cost: $620,000- 35% ($220,000) funded by CPA, 65% ($400,000) funded by PARC grant